Are there indoor facilities available for changing at Icelynd Skating Trails?
  • Currently there are no indoor facilities available on the trails.  Please come prepared to change outside.  
Are strollers allowed on Icelynd Skating Trails?
  • Yes, strollers are permitted on the trails in order to make it easier for all to enjoy our trails. 
Do tickets always have to be bought in advance online?
  • YES. All tickets need to be purchased through our website in advance
Are trails lit up after dark?
  • Yes, trails are partially lit after dark (enough for safety), however if you wish to bring a head lamp to ensure your comfort and personal, we welcome that.
Are skating aids allowed?
  • Yes, skating aids are most welcome for those who would feel more comfortable using them. 
Are there skate or helmet rentals?
  • No, unfortunately at this time we do not provide skate or helmet rentals.
Is there food for purchase?
  • We do have a canteen on the property with hot chocolate, beverages and an assortment of snacks and light foods.
  • From time to time (mostly weekends), Icelynd will have pop up food vendors throughout the property.  Stay tuned to social media for announcements of this.
Are there group/birthday/team etc party packages?
  • The ODR is available for rent online for parties.  You have use of the ODR, the “Sens Shed”, a “Change Room,” as well as a fire pit for 1.5 hours.  Add ons, such as longer fire pit rentals, and skating trail tickets are also available for purchase.
  • Please feel free to contact any of us at Icelynd Skating Trails to to help you celebrate any occasion.
How do I book the ice rink?
  • The ice rink is available to book at a rate for 1.5 hours.  Please see our ticketing system to book it.
Does the “Sens Shed” and “Change Room” come with the outdoor rink rental?
  • Yes the “Sens Shed,” as well as the “Change Room” does come with ODR rental for you 1.5 hour rental.
Are hockey sticks and pucks allowed on the trail?
  • Currently Icelynd will not be permitting hockey sticks or pucks on our trails.

How long am I able to skate with a pass?

  • Your day pass is valid for as long as Icelynd is operating and open on that specific day.

Are pets allowed on the trails?

  • For the safety of others, as well as for the safety of your animal, we do not allow pets on the Icelynd property.