Are there indoor facilities available for changing at Icelynd Skating Trails?
  • Currently there are no indoor facilities available on the trails.  Please come prepared to change outside.  
Are strollers allowed on Icelynd Skating Trails?
  • Yes, strollers are permitted on the trails in order to make it easier for all to enjoy our trails. 
Do tickets always have to be bought in advance online?
  • YES. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and limited parking all passes must be purchased in advance. Anyone who shows up in-person without an advanced purchased pass will be turned away.
Are trails lit up after dark?
  • Yes, trails are partially lit after dark (enough for safety), however if you wish to bring a head lamp to ensure your comfort and personal, we welcome that.
Are skating aids allowed?
  • Yes, skating aids are most welcome for those who would feel more comfortable using them. 
Are there skate or helmet rentals?
  • No, unfortunately at this time we do not provide skate or helmet rentals.
Is there food for purchase?
  • We do have a canteen on the property with hot chocolate, Gatorade, water and an assortment of snack foods.
  • From time to time (mostly weekends), Icelynd will have pop up food vendors throughout the property.  Stay tuned to social media for announcements of this.
Are there group/birthday/team etc party packages?
  • Please feel free to contact any of us at Icelynd Skating Trails to to help you celebrate any occasion.
How do I book the ice rink?
  • The ice rink is available to book at an hourly rate.  Please see the ODR tab on our Home page for information and booking.
Does the “Sens Shed” come with the outdoor rink rental?
  • No, due to COVID-19 restrictions all sheds will be closed to all customers.
Are hockey sticks and pucks allowed on the trail?
  • Currently Icelynd will not be permitting hockey sticks or pucks on our trails.

How long am I able to skate with a pass?

  • On a busy day, we ask that you leave the trails after two hours of skating to allow for proper social distancing and Covid safety.

Are pets allowed on the trails?

  • For the safety of others, as well as for the safety of your animal, we do not allow pets on the Icelynd property.